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Why invest in Riomonte Calamba?

Opulent rain gardens and beautiful gardens
The project features rain gardens and large pocket parks which are wide enough to accommodate a large number of visitors. As if that is not enough, the developer created natural waterways which are entangled with the main roadways.

Wide frontage lots
A selected number of lots have a wide frontage spreading up to 25-meters. This is meant to provide an unmetered view of the ridge park. You can quietly sip your glass of wine viewing nature as the sun sets.

Relaxing environment
The Riomonte Nuvali features tree-lined roads amid the luxuriant landscape. This coupled with a rolling terrain allows you to experience an invigorating trip when you are leaving your house or when coming back after a long day’s work.

Excellent amenities
The diversity of the amenities at Riomonte lies in the inclusivity of its amenities. There is a social hall, indoor play area, an extensive swimming pool, and a multi-purpose tennis and basketball court.

All these amenities are built in this area that is above sea level. This is carefully calculated to bring about a "feel good" mood within the whole community.

The property is surrounded by high perimeter parks that offer a safe and secure environment. This will leave the intruders admiring you with nothing much to do.

Given the kind of luxury that comes with this project, the price is considered a sloping one. The developer also offers you additional knowledge and resources to give you the best value for your money.

The flexible payment packages ensure that you won’t have to dispose of your property in the middle of your stay. It feels good to enjoy your retirement in a dream home.

Business opportunities
Located in the resort city of Calamba mean that business opportunities are spawning left right and center. With a population of close to 700, 000 people, a 14.14% growth, and an income of ?2,501,048,126.00 annually presents a massive business opportunity for people living in the Riomonte.

This coupled by tourists’ attractions like the Rizal shrine and Pot of Calamba ensures a consistent inflow of the foreign currency to fuel businesses in the area.

By leveraging the smart city structure, Riomonte is able to enhance the community services, fashioning an ecological city that responds unswervingly to the prerequisites of its residents. The manicured parks, clean roads, private entrances, and the clean environment provide the magic bullet to calm urban living. It’s definitely the epitome of luxurious living in the Philippines.

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